Share your talent with the world!


Souni2: A Comprehensive Sound Management Platform

The idea is simple, exciting, inclusive, and comprehensive: it would allow all kind of sound creators to share their talent with the world (from a poet in China, to a musician in Brazil or a story-telling grandma in USA). Souni2 will be opening doors for all kinds of sound creators to transcend their potential while also expanding the world’s catalog of sound. In Souni2 you can upload any sound you want: Music, Stories, Poetry, Whispers, Thoughts, Nature, Sound Effects or anything you dare to imagine! You can also browse the catalog to discover new sounds and find inspiration.

Additionally, you can mix sounds with the Mixing Tool to craft new compositions (with your own sounds or the ones shared by the community) to produce new music, enhance the magic of your stories, add spice to your words, etc. Furthermore, you can produce playlists with the Playlist Tool and create Live Shows.

With Souni2, you are in full control of your content. You can share anything you want the way you want to share it and control how your works are accessed and used by the community. Monetization is simple and convenient. You decide how your Works generate revenue for you: Direct Purchases, Ads or Plays. The potential of the concept is massive. With the right support and resources, we will be able to achieve something great. Join us in our journey!